Skinns & Evann Macintosh – How Does It Feel?

“How Does It Feel” is an adventurous first step for these two collaborators, combining Skinn’s subtle and intimate delivery with Evann’s spacious and melodic versatility. Skinns also teamed up with co-producer TyC on the track, who has been developed his own unique melodic sound with help from Gabe Kuzava on the production!

Skinns has embarked on creating an electronic sound that was heavily influenced by the changes that he went through this last year since releasing his last projects as Sarah Skinner. Skinn’s silky tone dominates the cutting electronic drops and Evann soars on the upbeat verses. This song is definitely more than meets the eye, and through the twists and turns from minimal to maxxed out, these three are jumping into all genres and definitely onto something big!


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