The Smoky Nights are a 4-piece band out of Cookeville, Tennessee with an interesting assortment of instruments! Guitar, Mandolin, Cajon, and Violin all come together for a smooth, yet very Tennessee sound! They blend elements of pop, rock, soul, R&B, and folk music to create a unique and entertaining style at live shows! The Smoky Nights have been known to cover a wide variety of music from the ’60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and even current hits! In 2019 they started writing original music and are about to release their first full album July 1st!

“Paradise” is a special song for us, since it was born out of sacrifice. Lily and I are getting married very soon (July 2019) and we had been working hard saving up for a honeymoon. But when we decided to also devote our lives to being full-time musicians, we realized it would be a prudent investment to take our honeymoon funds and use them to fund a full-length studio album instead.

We gave up our plans for post-wedding traveling so we could go into a professional studio, work even harder, and fulfill our dream of recording a quality album. Shortly after we made that decision we wrote Paradise – a bilingual, optimistic, and tropical-tinged pop song that embodied the feelings we had going forward as musicians. In a way, the music we created in studio is our Paradise.


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