Snazzy Phade – Always Rushing (feat. Keak Da Sneak & Kaikea)

Check out the latest from Snazzy Phade entitled “Always Rushing” with guest features from Keak Da Sneak and Kaikea

Adam D. Bennett (born Nov 24,1992), professionally known as Snazzy Phade, is an American Electronic Music Producer and DJ from Manteca, CA. Now based out of Los Angeles CA, Snazzy Phade specializes in electronic dance music (EDM, Pop, Future Bass) and Hip Hop.

Graduated with Honors as the class valedictorian from SAE Expression College for Audio Engineering/Music Production, “Phade” as he is sometimes called, is currently working on finding his own sound and building a reliable brand to release his free art on. Although he has been around music his whole life,  Phade did not begin his journey into music until after high school when he found a group of friends his age who where already making and producing songs.

That’s when Your Favorite Weekend Kids (YFWK) came about. (FYI) They are still making music together today!  After being bitten by the music bug from that day on, Adam began learning to produce/mix/master and record his own music.  After being self taught for a couple years, he decided it was time to quit his day job and go to school full time for what he loved.  Little did he know, going to SAE Expression College would open his mind up to so much more than he initially thought.

His influences for music range from multiple types of genres and ages. Whether it be Usher in his Confession days,  Tiesto the 47 Year old Dutch Dj who is still traveling the world doing shows today, or Skrillex for being the outsider who wasn’t afraid to express himself and his art.  All of these people, plus many more had some type of influence over his life in general.  Now, his goal is to be someone else’s influence for future generations to come.  Snazzy Phade’s music is a blend of Pop/FutureBass music with some RnB/Hip Hop vocals mixed in.  He will continue to blend different genres and push the boundaries in the EDM world, everyday he moves closer to his goals, every day his knowledge on music and music production grow.


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