Social Media Promo Etiquette For Hip Hop Artists


Social Media etiquette is a top subject that is in dire need of being addressed as the world wide web is becoming greater and easier for artists to promote their own music for free. Many artists cannot afford to hire promotional companies or publicists to pitch or promote their music so they feel they know exactly what they’re doing and 98% do not. Let us go over how to properly promote your music with etiquette when you do not have a budget.

The Facebook:

  • The Main issue most professional people on facebook have with artists is Tagging. When you drop a single or a video or a project/mixtape (whatever the fuck you release), please for the love of everything that is holy do NOT tag 90 people who had nothing to do with what you are releasing. Take into consideration their notifications. Not only did you tag them, but the moment you do, they get a like 50 friend requests from your raggedy friends and also your people then share the post which then tags them ALL OVER AGAIN. Now they are getting a flooding world about your release which only makes them NOT want to listen to it even more. When tagging your release…tag your team…the people who helped you create it and the people who plan to help you push it.
  • FB messenger can also be a serious issue. Please stop utilizing it to send your music links. ESPECIALLY for people you don’t know. Most of you will skim other people’s facebook friends and send requests and the moment they accept you swan dive in their messenger with your soundcloud link asking for support. You should utilize messenger as a way to connect with that professional whether a manager, publicist, DJ, Producer etc. And most will tell you to send the a professional email which honestly should be what you should be asking for instead of spamming them with your music.
  • Crying on the timeline 13 hours of the day about how nobody supports your music and threatening to unfriend people will never help you get to the next level. If nobody is supporting your music, I bet you to top two bulletins I added before this one are your main problems, or the fact that your music may just be garbage and people are trying to be nice by not saying anything at all.
  • Stop using FB live for stupid reasons. If you have created a small fanbase, utilize FB Live for promoting your experiences leading up to your release. For example go live when you’re in the studio working, compared to you sitting on the couch smoking a blunt doing nothing with one visitor who is probably your mom.


  • Death to “Support Me” in our DMs. Or that auto dm message you have set up through a bot. If I follow you back and in 2.5 seconds I get some auto dm thanking me for supporting your music (that I never heard), followed by checking out your soundcloud link, more than likely I’m going to instantly unfollow you because you’re not personally and professionally trying to network with me.
  • Don’t tweet me telling me to retweet your tweet or your pinned post. And on everything that is holy again stop hitting up people that have nothing to do with music. Hell wrong with yall? This also proves that you’re probably using a bot to spam random people and still don’t know how to truly utilize twitter correctly.
  • Tagging can now be awful as well as Twitter has created this option. Don’t…
  • DM Group messages should just be illegal. This should have been included in the first twitter bulletin, but I digress.  If every time you do a group dm spamming people 99% leave the conversation what must make you think you need to keep trying it?


  • Liking 70 of my posts and then sending me a DM to demand I reciprocate will get you blocked. Fake support for support demanding support is corny and unprofessional.
  • Posting the artwork for your single and tagging every hip hop blog in a struggle seek that they will pick up your single will not work either.
  • Most major companies have their facebook company pages connected to their IG which includes a contact button on their profile page on how to email them. So commenting on every one of their posts asking how you can send your music means you’re lazy or you truly don’t now how to work Instagram correctly to promote your music or get in contact with them.

Those are the top social media outlets used by most artists. Snapchat should be used just how I explained FB live. Tumblr is dying, but great for blogging if you cannot afford a website (btw blogger and wordpress are free). LinkedIn is strange, because everyone on there is the CEO of anything and they don’t take the time to confirm or verify that. So you’re wasting your time over there until they figure out how to give credibility. Streaming sites like Youtube, soundcloud and audiomack should be for releases only and not using the messaging option. Most people have their contact information on their streaming profiles so seek that out first.


Hopefully this information will help artists on what NOT to do as far as social media etiquette is concerned. Stay tuned as I will be following up on this post on a step by step instruction on how to properly get your music to the mass professionally. Make sure you follow me @Awesomenezz and @TripleHQ as we continue to give you Hip Hop 101.




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