The new single from New York City based R+B/Hip-Hop artist Sophie Fay. ​The track (and stunning lyric visualizer) is a look into the mind of this brilliant and virtuosic artist who makes no secret of her love for Travis Scott, ASAP Rocky and Billie Holiday.

Carrying forward the same vibrant energy as she always does, Sophie Fay delivers a track that exemplifies her versatile and multifaceted signature sound, laying its roots in layers of smooth, typically RnB instrumentals and very stylized vocals. It’s a sound that shines a brilliant light on Sophie’s musical talent, bringing a clarity and heightened anticipation to the delivery, amplifying the track and making an indelible mark on the listener.

“Way2Yng basically just sums up all the things that young people have to experience. Of course, Jodi and I have different stories to tell, but our voices combine those ideas together. To be honest, this song’s title was inspired by 6LACK’s “ Rules “. This young man just has an enormous amount of energy in his music; I feel like that’s what makes a good artist.” -Sophie Fay


Verse 1

Say you don’t smoke,
I’m like “what?”
I’ve seen you faded.
Tired of you choosing smoke over me.
Don’t overthink
I’m right here
I see you faded.
Not ‘em hoes, not gon’ pose.

Way too young x4

Biking round my hood, staying for good.
Don’t tell me lies, I don’t fuck with lies.
Never to the moon ‘cause it’s way too soon.
Don’t tell me lies, I don’t fuck with lies.

Way too young x4

Verse 2 (Jazz Jodi) :

Way too young to fill this liquor on my face.
My conscious got me up and goin’ crazy.
Bendin’ brenda she about to have my baby, lately.
Diamonds gon give me a hug,
Trippin’ off sippin’ a sud,
I gotta treat for ya butt.
I hit a bitch off a buzz.
Go from the bottom and up.
I took a trip to the mud.
Came out with dollars, impalas,
And bitches just wantin’ to swallow.
A dredded
I’m medicated
Not stable but able to turn up.
I just been drinkin’,
But they used to know me to burn up.
Uh ah, sip on a vice,
Come fuck through the day,
And I’ll make it a night.
You know that I love the thrill,
You know that I love the thrill.
I’ve got a buzz to kill,
I’ve got a buzz to kill.

Wasted, crazy.
And you hate me,
You hate me.


Way to young to say I’m in love with that thrill
Way to young to be pretend like I enjoy the … (way)

Way too young to fill this on my face,
(You niggas way too ugly for my baby)

But how lazy ass bitch
Work hard, will pay off.


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