Sophie Fay Releases New Track “Only1”

The new single “Only1” by Sophie Fay featuring the Bronx-based artist Mighty Da Don is all about setting the right atmosphere for the night if you’re trying to get your mind off everything and just enjoy yourself. Even though the two artists share different stories, the vibe is hidden in the music itself. Sophie’s intimate yet persuasive vocals go in contrast with Mighty’s powerful flow, accompanied by the glistening synths and a catchy beat. The track melds pop, R&B, and hip-hop for engaging, accessible results.

“Only1” merges the yearning accessibility of love songs with creative pop production. Inspired by ASAP Rocky’s “Pain,” the track features vocal performances from Sophie Fay and Mighty Da Don. As Mighty’s lyrics echo a yearning to bring his girl back, Sophie emits a playful mood with a serene appeal, helping to clear one’s mind from pressure and anxiety


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