Known as the “Godfather of Persian Rap,” Iranian-born rapper Soroush Seyedi has just released his new single “We Run This Rap.” The track hears Soroush in his native Farsi, alongside Bizarre, Kuniva, and D12’s Swifty McVay.

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Now living in Finland, Soroush recorded in Farsi to reach his Iranian fans, while enlisting American and Finnish rappers to unite cultures through music, toasting together the global impact of its vehicle. With his new record label, the message is clear: “It’s party time, raise the glasses, cheers / Are you taken aback? After being silent for six years?”

The song is available via Finnish record label Suomen Musiikki. Please see below for all download and streaming options.


Soroush Seyedi was born in Tehran, Iran. At age 16, he taught himself to produce with limited access to equipment, recording his first tracks with a computer headset. He worked quietly, meeting friends to swap CDs that were often intentionally left unnamed. But as his music caught on, so did his public profile, exacerbating the anticipated double-edged sword of pursuing rap which was, at the time, forbidden. Still, in the face of these risks and consequences, Soroush’s belief in the unifying effects of Hip Hop prevailed, and he pressed on to teach himself more and more skills like beatboxing and break dancing, while advocating rap music to young boys and girls throughout Iran.
To continue spreading the globalization of Persian rap, Soroush left Iran in 2011, first for Turkey, before settling in Finland in 2015. Here, Soroush has signed to indie record label Suomen Musiikki, and is ready to create, release, and tour freely, openly… unabashedly.


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