$OUŁ Ft Shelly & Mat’n Island – Bitch!


Prepare to have your mind jolted by the electric sounds of “Bitch!” from $OUŁ featuring Shelly & Mat’n Island

$OUŁ (a native of Ra’anana, Israel) is a producer, jazz guitarist and talented musician. At the age of only 19, he already has a strong foothold in the Israeli Hip Hop scene, working with top artists in the country (Ido Maimon, Shekel, Jenny Penkin, Yaara, Kiddish Klub, etc.)

Featuring in the debut EP is New York rapper MAT’n Island, Amsterdam-based artist Yannick the Rapper, and singers Jenny Penkin and Shelly Perel (who served with Soul in Israel’s Air Force band).

With a combination of high-skilled Israeli musicians and international collaborations, $OUŁ debuts with a refreshing EP in English that is a smooth blend of both Hip Hop and Jazz, which includes a variety of live instruments; such as guitars, Brass and more.

$OUŁ’s music is viewed as both unique and promising in the eyes of musicians due to both its unique production and its mix of elements from both Mainstream and Jazz music.



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