Soulfistikato “The Head Nod” [Instrumental Album Stream] | @soulfistikato |


The producer was and still is a key element to the foundation of hip-hop and yet every year producers are pushed aside despite their efforts. So with 2018, I’ve been trying to work with more producers to help get their work in the forefront where it belongs. Today I have Canadian hip-hop artist Soulfistikato who is here with his instrumental album “The Head Nod”.

It would’ve been easy for Soulfistikato to just put out eight of his best heaters, but on “The Head Nod” Soul is making sure to create a vibe and an atmosphere from his music. The sounds you end up hearing at the beginning of a track on “The Head Nod” is simply the foundation of a much bigger masterpiece that Soulfistikato is creating. “Holding Fire” is my favorite example of this, a track that starts off with the stripped back sounds eventually evolving into a full beat and experience.

Soulfistikato’s “The Head Nod” is more than banging beats, it’s a project that took precise planning and creation. Take a seat, sit back and let “The Head Nod” take you on a journey.