Soundminerz ft. Danielle Dubois – “Waves”

“Waves” is our single for our upcoming album “Between Time.”

Soundminerz is a Hip Hop group comprised of rapper Proph and producer Dirac. The two met while completing their respective undergrad programs at Norfolk State University.

It was there that the pair discovered they shared a common love for Hip Hop, which lead them to forming a group in 2014 called the Soundminerz.

Influenced by Nas, Biggie, J Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest, Big Pun, and countless other musicians, Soundminerz is fueled by their desire to disrupt the status quo by not conforming to genre norms and creating music that digs deep below the conscience of their audience. Currently residing in Oakland, California, the duo is slated to release their upcoming album Between Time in December 2019 as a follow up to their debut album, The Prefix.



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