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Authentic, versatile and charismatic are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to define Atmore, AL native Spade Melo. Like the card game from which he adopted the former part of his rap moniker, he’s easy to learn but hard to master. Additionally, it is widely known that the trump card in Spades is always the winning card as is the life of Spade Melo, a straightforward and natural born leader who dominates at every turn.

A great deal of the southern MC’s childhood was devoted to music and his aspirations for center stage success. His vocal talent was evident early on, as he was leading songs in his church choir at the tender age of 4. The young prodigy was also exposed to a magnetic fusion of hip-hop, r&b and gospel being that his mother, professionally known as Angelica Storm, was a radio personality and DJ at a local Tampa, FL radio station where he spent countless hours. He quietly observed and noted the etiquette of being in a studio environment and studied the anatomy of every song like homework. Those collective experiences helped to cultivate and groom his passion to pursue music.

In middle school, the budding lyricist, along with his friends, downloaded beats to freestyle to. Blessed with an innate gift of wordplay and a vivid imagination, the 7th grader quickly built a strong following at school and in the community. After his mom heard him flow, she fully supported and encouraged her son’s artistic ambitions and purchased all of the necessary equipment for him to record and produce at home. She was determined that her son should prosper. Spade Melo further honed his reputation on the mic by remaining consistent over the years even as he developed street affiliations as a rebellious teenager. Nevertheless he always returned to his love of music, his saving grace.

Spade Melo was raised on a variety of artists, yet he only counts Snoop Dog (his coolness), Tupac (his realness) and Eminem (his lyricism) as inspirations, all of whom helped shape his own style. A gifted storyteller with cinematic attention to detail, his narrative is always rooted in his own personal reality that either stimulates the mind or stirs up the madness.

Despite releasing a handful of songs in the past that put him on the map and afforded him the opportunity to open for notable acts such as Jeezy, YFN Lucci, Young Thug and Young Scooter, Aces High is the official debut. Using another Spades reference that reflects his youth spent playing the game; the Ace is the highest card you can hold. The 9-track Mixtape, with its variety of styles that range from classic hip-hop and hard-hitting trap to rhythmic r&b and soul vibes, has already been heralded a chart-topper. Striking a perfect balance between records for the car (“Derrick Rose“) and the club (“Make A Play”), Aces High was crafted to elevate any atmosphere at any time. Spade Melo shares production credit with a finely edited group of hometeam producers that include 2x Grammy Award Winning producer Street Symphony, Bocci and Ronnie Doe of Track Or Die.

Spade Melo possesses a justified confidence in his talent. He earned the title of self-made being that he writes, raps, sings, produces and engineers. The one-man army effortlessly flows on one track and spits introspective bars on another, clearly positioning himself as a well-rounded artist who is in a category all his own. Let the games begin.


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