Spectoral x Martiln – “CELESTIAL” (Video) |

Visually, CELESTIAL is stunning, both in its dynamic hand-drawn pastels that build its universe, and through the interstellar journey of its protagonist. The music video was conceptualised by Spectoral, working with the brilliant visionary talent of hand-drawn sketch artist Julien Truebiger (http://julien.truebiger.de/). The video explores a plethora of trippy imagery connected to astral projection, the afterlife and out of body experiences, depicting the story of two beings (represented by a human and their loyal dog) trying to reunite, despite being separated on different planes of existence.

Sonically, CELESTIAL evokes the ultra modern sound of contemporaries like Golden VesselGalimatiasSampha and Flume. The emphasis here is on Spectoral’s vocals though; his delivery shimmers with soul as he carries the listener on a journey over Martiln’s masterful synth work, contrasted against sparse trap drops, like the eternal battle of light vs dark, death vs life, love vs loss.


“We started working on Celestial only a few months after we met, but it wasn’t really a priority for either of us” says Spectoral. “I never actually thought it’d be a single, given the subject matter. To be honest we weren’t even sure it would work, we just kinda treated it like an experiment. But slowly, over time, the song evolved this life of its own, you know. Where most other songs would just kinda become stale as time goes on, this one became more significant than either of us could ever imagine.”


“Celestial is a real, unapologetic gut-puncher” explains Spectoral. “It affects me. I feel vulnerable singing it, even listening to it. Earlier this year, I dropped this song into my set and road-tested it on an unsuspecting audience. The crowd response was really incredible, people were just transfixed by it. It felt like the venue itself disappeared and it was just me and the audience sharing in this very visceral and moving moment together.”


Recorded in Melbourne in both Martiln and Spectoral’s studios, the two producers are readying a huge live summer tour that will see both co-headline around Melbourne. Dates and supports will be announced on their socials.


Watch CELESTIAL on YouTube, stream it on Spotify or Apple Music, via:  linktr.ee/spectoral


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