St. Leroy II debuts “Safe”, the second installment of his “Unicorn Tears” series – @stleroyii



North Miami Beach emcee St. Leroy II issues a riveting visual for “Safe”, the second chapter behind his video series, “Unicorn Tears” –

Director Eric Bove utilizes a vintage film reel effect to give St. Leroy’s touching song a sentimental feel. Self-produced by Leroy, rich layers of vocal samples, congo drums and a mesmerizing bassline set the tone for this tale centered around children’s health; mentally, emotionally and psychically. To make sure they strike their mark, the duo look towards a school playground setting while the Florida artist speaks on the trust issues that many younger people are experiencing at an alarming level. In the end, all we really want is a “Safe” place to call home and St. Leroy II addresses the issue head on, listen below.