Starghost Release New Single “The End” | @starghostmusic |

Starghost is a hip-hop duo formed in 2018 in Seattle, Washington, composed of rapper-producer Hadi and rapper D.Social. The pair became friends in 2008 while attending The Northwest School in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Hadi began making beats on Fruity Loops at age 13, honing his skills throughout high school and gaining success while working with the Washington D.C.-based team Best Kept Secret. D.Social started rapping in high school with friends under the moniker Sour D and began recording tracks in late 2011, releasing two mixtapes and various singles over a five year period. The two reconnected in 2016 and decided to found the group when Hadi began to write and record his own vocals in 2018.

The two emcees take turns lacing Hadi’s wavy productions with melodic hooks and hard-hitting rhymes, speaking on the unique experiences of their lives. At times energetic and turned up and others spaced-out and somber, Starghost showcases their chemistry one bar at a time.

Starghost’s debut EP 1-800-STRGHST dropped in January of 2019 along with their first music video for “Very Cool”. Both received numerous positive reviews. In less than a year, they’ve dropped another music video for the single “The End” and just released their second EP “GHST FM”.


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