Southern Georgia rapper Static Spaz has is here with a brand new video, “YUH”. The release of the video is the latest in a string of solid releases from the rising artist.

At an early age, Static lost his biggest motivation in his mother. This loss would only make the artist more grounded and focused on his passion. Inspired by other southern hip-hop acts like The Hot Boyz and Outkast, Spaz would turn into the emcee you see and hear today.

After Static Spaz graduated college 5 years ago he saw some moderate success with his release, “Hyperbolic Time Chamber“. The track received love from The Source Magazine. Later he would land on the radar of legendary Dj, Funkmaster Flex, and hit producer, Boi1da, which would make Static go even harder.

The new video for “YUH” is simple but still manages to put the artists’ lyricism and charisma on full display. The track is filled with boastful lyrics over a thumping trap beat. Standard fare by today’s standards, but the separation comes in the witty wordplay and style Spaz delivers throughout out the song.

Before checking out the new video from the upcoming rapper, I was familiar with his music. After listening I went back and checked out some of his other stuff. His 2016 mixtape, In Shodd We Trust, ended up being a pleasant surprise. I definitely recommend checking it out if you like, “YUH”.

Wath the video for “YUH” by Static Spaz via YouTube.


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