Student 1 – Uneducated Freestyle (prod. charlie heat) | @myafrovibrates |


Minneapolis native Student 1 and GOOD Music’s Charlie Heat deliver on Stu’s new single, “Uneducated”.


1 day I’ma pull up with a 100k
Pull up on a pessimist and going what it do
Night with a pen, thumbs are my day quill
Stay cold, what a forehead, what a Lu
Crap what the in the cut boy cut in two
Catch a rhythm and cut it like OT
When I’m gunning I’m gonna be OP, uh
Call of duty you due to get no V-
TDM to Domination any fucking game type
A lame type is you when you try to tell me that you better
Colder and cooler when really I’m wetter
I’m water and you waterproof
You disappear with a poof
Steady with the dub like shimmy shimmy ya
Shimmer in the light, bright ones wimme nah
Imma get a band a minute better me and bet I’ma do anything
I swear I go berserk
I don’t wanna stop until my tummy never looking like my pockets and my momma never gotta go to work
Know the very minute I get what I wanted to is the only time I can tell me everything is what I gave
Once i make it happen i think imma get my dodie in a paper
Then I’m gonna get the paper in a safe

Imma never go low only far
I never settle for up to par
Student 1 too like solo in the car
Solo on the street
And with the witty word I water polo on the beat
Imma think carefully fully ‘fore I act out, Nuhnuh
I ain’t gonna be the one that backed out, Nuhnuh
Won’t be timid for another motherfucking second
You can lack confidence Imma go attack doubt, Nuhnuh
Speaking on the future like a man knew it, uh
Sparking bomb pack I ran thru it, uh
Popping and fired up
I’m wired up, uh
Shocking I’m a conduit
I can do it, aye
On the road already ready I can tell a motherfucker
That a brother got a plan, Uh
Even if my wallet nun but leather and my ID
And the Empire the whip like I’m an Ottoman, Uh