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Los Angeles hip hop artist Success is excited to share his third single “Immortal Icons”. This is the third and final single from the EP, which is slated for release on February 9th.

“Immortal Icons” gives us a confident self awareness from the rapper, writer, and producer. Lyrically, we are given an autobiographical depiction of who Success is and how his peers view him. Stylistically, Success produces an upbeat psychedelic base for his words to flawlessly take off from, with melodic strings and vocal samples that elevate you to the rapper’s level. This track is a follow up to his prior releases, “Politics and Critics” and “Gang Activity (Virgin Mary) Pt. 2” which garnered support from Vents Magazine and Elite Muzik! Respectively.


Black Balled is a swift left turn from his previous image. After releasing You’re Welcome in 2013, Success took time to focus on songwriting and establishing himself in the Los Angeles music scene, resulting in a completely reconstructed image. Success has opted to re-enter into the spotlight under different circumstances – he’s all art, no image. He is stepping away from the spotlight by deciding to keep his face completely hidden.

The Black Balled EP will be released in February and will be sharing additional content in the coming months. Keep your eyes and ears open for what’s sure to be a unique artistic experience.

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