How to Successfully Pitch Your Music Without Being Annoying

Now that I have been able to focus strictly on Hip Hop Headquarters I want to bring up a good topic for artists, managers, and publicists. When releasing a single, video, project, much in advance are you with contacting outlets? Most established outlets have hundreds of emails a day and maybe 20% of the people sending out releases create a relationship with them giving them a clear “heads up..this is coming” email dialogue. Most sites will do premieres if requested and others will do reviews.

If you know the date of your release, why are you waiting to the day of to tell outlets its out, demanding a post instantly? If you do, and it was last minute why are you blowing up people’s dms, messenger, and even texts telling them to check their email? People are not sitting behind their laptops staring at their “empty” inboxes waiting for something to come in….I promise its full.

Take the time to establish a relationship with the outlet..send your pitch for a premiere at least 7 days in advance (and its okay to send DIRECT pitched emails to several outlets..just make sure its personal and not a bcc to 20 sites). If you don’t get a response after that time its okay to send a follow up email… <– EMAIL…not a social media tweet, post, dm, etc. Stay professional.. “ayo awesomenezz..check ya email” on twitter will get you blocked.

This also stems back to my post on social media etiquette for artists. Stop acting like you’re entitled to a post asaptually. Whether you want to believe it or not, most of these people you’re emailing work regular jobs…they’re parents (they got football, soccer, basketball, cheerleading with their kids), they take vacations, they go to the gym, they spend time with their family…they have a LIFE. Yes there are more established sites that run 24/7 with hired writers..but even they are working on major editorial articles, interviews, events, etc that take up their time.

You want people to drop their lives for your 20 viewed soundcloud link..quit now.  You will burn more bridges with this strategy. Stop looking for shortcuts..wouldn’t you want to create a relationship with an outlet that supports your music? And even if you have created some sort of relationship, why are you sending them music last minute? “Its out right now…post your review asap..go”. That’s super unprofessional and a great lack of communication.

Your expectations:

Our thought process:

If you want your music to just be “played” ..use your social it on facebook, twitter, and IG. Tag your 99 friends that will hate you for it. But if you want real outlet reviews…give people some damn time. Stop harassing people because you didn’t execute your release correctly. Tis…ALL..


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