Suzanne Gladstone – “Dreamer”

Suzanne Gladstone is an American Singer- Songwriter from Orange County, California. Originally from San Diego, Ca. 

Suzanne Gladstone has only just begun this year as a solo artist, but has already released 3 of her own original songs on Spotify & iTunes under her artist name “Suzanne Gladstone”. These songs are in the genre of Country/Rock/Soul. You can find and follow her on Spotify and iTunes and feel free to share with your friends and add her to your playslists Spotify Page Link

She is currently in the recording studio, in Orange County, working on her newest album, which she plans to release one single at a time within this year and in the first few months into 2020. Following that, she plans to release a finished album with a compilation of all of her new tracks. 

Her first single to hit the market is “Dreamer”, which was recently been released online available through “Spotify” & iTunes”. You can also purchase her new single on her website by scrolling down at the end of this page or on the “Music” tab on her websites main page.

“Dreamer” – Song Overview

My original song and newest single, “Dreamer” is a song that was written straight from my soul. To me, life is a personal journey to strive for a success so great even I cannot imagine how wonderful it can be. I am a true example of living the dream. Every day I wake up it is a struggle with myself to break free of the chains of our society and soar with the Eagles. I’m still in the process of earning my wings, which I’m sure most of you can agree with. If you’re like me, I’ll never stop fighting and dreaming of a future so bright that I feel blind most of the time. If you love deep lyrics and a true indie-rock edge with vocals that have been compared to “Gwen Stefani” from “No Doubt”, then come into my world and enjoy the musical sounds of my mind.

I’m a passionate being who wants to inspire the world through my creativity, one mind at a time. My adventure started long ago but this journey of music was built within my bones to become something and someone more than what society tells me I should be. I want to share my deepest poetry collections with you through my songs and while sharing my life stories with you I also bring the listener in to ignite fire and passion into their souls. I want to bring women together and to inspire them to be their own kind of beautiful from the inside out and I want the world to stand together and unite in peace and love. Although I know it is far-fetched, I have hope that we can make this world a more beautiful, loving and kind place. I hope you find my mind enchanting. I feel like writing and singing is my soul’s purpose and if you’re a dreamer like me, then follow me through my journey of really awesome, multi-genre, mystical magical indie-music (Pop/Rock/R&B/Hip-Hop/Reggae/Country). I will have something for everyone. I love most genres and love to experiment with different genres and sounds. Thanks for following me and becoming a fan on my Facebook page as well as Instagram. I hope to see you out there once I hit the stage with my new music.

Love you all, especially those who have been following me for years.

P.S. Take care of yourself because you are unique, you are beautiful, you are perfect the way you are and you rock!

Cheers! <3

Suzanne Gladstone

“Dreamer” was already chosen to be featured on WOAFM (S16) iTunes podcast by the famous composer, record producer and filmmaker, “Oliver Sean”. As a composer, record producer and filmmaker “Oliver Sean’s” productions have been broadcast on International channels including MTV and Vh1 and has had several No.1 chart listings and major top 10 chart rankings worldwide. Some of the highlights of his recognition has been Nomination for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 and hitting the Billboard Top 10 at number 6 on the World Digital Song Sales Charts in 2019. This episode was aired November 2019 here on Season 16:

She already has over 20 songs placed on “hold” for movie/TV/Ad placement opportunities, and 2 were “Selected” to be aired by radio programs.

Earlier this year, she released her music video for her single, “I Blew A Wish” you can see here: 

Music Video: (Music Page)


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