Sydmac – “Chains,Dames and Foreigns.” (Produced By Canismajor)



Get ready for some smooth, new-age Brooklyn Hip Hop as Sydmac smacks us with “Chains,Dames and Foreigns.”, produced by the hands of Canismajor –

Sydmac is a Brooklyn-based emcee influenced by the likes of Jay-z, Nas and many others. Sydmac looks to put together the substance of vintage Hip Hop with the flair of the new wave of artists. Releasing his first mixtape, “True Story”, at the end of 2017, it included hits such as “Charades”, “Dial” and today’s entry, “Chains,Dames and Foreigns.”. Produced by Canismajor, the horn driven sampled instrumental finds Syd chopping thru it with sharp lyricism. With single such as this, the New York rhymer will certainly find no issues with bridging the gap between old and new. Stream “Chains,Dames and Foreigns.” down below.