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Good Thing

Wisconsin’s Sydnee B turns his hardships to triumph with the release of his pop-infused single “Good Thing”, featuring Breana Marin –

Milwaukee-based Hip Hop artist, Sydnee B, shows persistence and passion for music that has been a main driving force of his since the beginning. He draws inspiration from artist like Nelly and Eminem. Once signed to Virgin Islands during his sophomore year of high school, he’d soon get a first hand experience of the twisted way of the industry. Returning to Milwaukee with no job, money or plans for a formal education, Sydnee began battling depression. This dark time became the fuel to create even more music.

His songwriting became less about impressing his friends and more about expressing his internal dialogue and turning personal conflict into art. More motivated than ever to take back the success he had been promised, Syd utilized his marketing skills to establish his own connections with local producers, artists and recording studios. He decided that anything a label could do for him, he could do for himself instead.

Fast forward five years, and Sydnee is now one of Milwaukee’s most streamed artists with 30,000 monthly Spotify listeners and 2.5 million overall streams. He’s opened up for major artists including Jake Miller and Sammy Adams, and his newest LP “Forever Hold Your Peace” has been featured on over 30 credentialed music blogs since its August, 2017 release. Today, Sydnee’s no longer recording on an answering machine in his mom’s basement, but he’s still just as dedicated and determined as he was day one.

Check out his latest tune titled “Good Thing”, featuring the vocal styling of Breana Marin. Stay tuned for future releases in the coming times.


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