T Pain Blazes Last Studio Album “Oblivion” Under Convict Imprint

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Commercially, “Mr King of Auto Tune” Tallahassee’s T Pain is known for the hits. Since his 1st mainstream single “I’m Sprung” released in 2005, following up with songs such as I’m In love with a Stripper, Bartender, and his latest Up Down record. His track record has been outstanding!  From featuring your favorite songs from almost everyone in the industry taking them to number 1 status to releasing projects on his own; T- Pain’s latest project was in 2015 with his mixtape “The Iron Way” hosted by Atlanta’s own DJ Drama and Trendsetters. Despite another release earlier this year,  a collaboration project with fellow emcee Lil Wayne called T-Wayne that was supposed to come out in 2009. This album Oblivion is his last album under the convict/R.C.A imprint.

About the project

Listening to this album in its entirety, I have to say sonically it sounds amazing! Every track has reply value and you can play the album from beginning to end with no problem. Yes, it sounds like a T Pain album should sound like; full of auto tune and great songs.  What song these days doesn’t have Auto tune? Everyone has adopted his sound but they can’t make a song like him.

One song that stood out to me on this album is a song titled “Second Chance”. My take on the record is that this is a personal song that sets the tone for the album. I believe anyone could relate to this song for it talks about life in general and how you should never back down from your trials. Although I feel it’s speaking upon his life’s past,  I believe he’s setting a message that everyone deserves a second chance in this crazy world.

Links to listen

I urge all T Pain fans to go out and support this album and just listen to great music!

here are  the links you can stream T Pain’s new album “Oblivion

APPLE MUSIC : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/oblivion/1313571036

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/2IYytuOcRJar0cxSyWNdG7





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