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T-SPICE is a Los Angeles based, producer and finger-drummer. Born in Japan, he started learning trumpet and got into music from a young age. He formed his own band when he was in junior high school. During this time, he was exposed to many genre of music, and he became fascinated by hip hop which was attracting attention around the world at that time. In particular, T-SPICE was highly inspired by Nas’ album “Illmatic” and he started rapping. He was then engaged in music production in a rap group, producing critically acclaimed tracks including game sounds for a PlayStation game Beatmania and an official song for a professional soccer team in Japan.

T-SPICE came to the US in 2001 to further pursue his rapping career and his innate talent was unlocked. He participated in a Japan tour of Jurassic 5, a US tour of Akil from Jurassic 5, performed in a number of popular clubs and live music venues such as Key Club and The Roxy Theatre, and displayed his Japanese rap in various events such as the freestyle meccha, Project Blowed.

 He then made a successful transition from a rapper to a beatmaker. He released an instrumental beat album “Reborn to Die” in 2017 featuring Spaceboy Boogie X from Pharcyde and Akil. Mastering for this album was done by the Low End Theory founder Daddy Kev who received a Grammy Award nomination with the Flying Lotus song “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar. The album was highly acclaimed and attained a reputation with the unique, intense deep beat and originality. T-SPICE is also a live finger drummer using a Native Instruments Maschine. His performances are often introduced by local artists on their social media outlets. He has also recently been engaged in production of commercial songs. His latest projects include the song for a 2018 promotional movie for Japanese traditional craft Edo Kiriko Cut Glass.

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