THQ Premiere: Lil Kim joins Taiyamo Denku & The Genius to explain what living a “Fabulous Life” is all about | @TaiyamoDenku @LilKim |

Fabulous Life

The collab king, Taiyamo Denku, unveils the final single before his “No Industry Standard” album debuts in June and it’s simply fabulous. Denku reaches out to his Boston connection, The Genius, for a buttery chorus and the Queen B herself, Lil Kim, to explain what a true “Fabulous Life” consists of.

It’s a Cypha Den Music affair as Taiyamo Denku and producer Dcypha re-work the classic Hip Hop / R&B formula made notorious during the mid-nineties to early 2000’s. Known best for their gritty, Boom Bap influenced releases, the duo construct a commercial friendly single this go round entitled “Fabulous Life”.

The Genius kicks things off with a well executed hook that will surely have you wailing along. Denku handles the first verse and delivers it in a concentrated mind set with words like “don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed / to say I’m not fabulous is more of a stretch / my two daughters got a roof over their heads / say prayers with them each night in their beds”. Summed up, he explains that it’s the simple things in life that are fabulous.

Lil Kim makes her presence known ten fold and delivers a classic Queen B verse full of braggadocios flows. “You can have it, you can eat it go on get the cake / I got chinchilla covers to match with them furs / baby got back with them curves / the female mack with make up on my word”. After a lengthy and successful career this far in Hip Hop, Lil Kim shows see can still kill a mic.

Taiyamo closes the song out with some classic Hip Hop bars as he reminisces on his accolades and current state of mind concerning Hip Hop. All in all, “Fabulous Life” is a single that reminds listeners that no matter what your social or monetary status is, we all can live our own version of fabulous. Listen to the single above and pre-order the “No Industry Standard” album below.


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