“If Aaliyah was still alive, this is the type of sound she would be creating” Earmilk recently commented about Taliwhoah . Adding to that statement, she is a stylish pop outlier with Afro-Caribbean soul, R&B swagger, London-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and artist immediately elicits a reaction any time she sings. That typical response can be found in her very moniker…

Born in a big artistic family to a British-Nigerian-Lebanese mom and Jamaican dad, Talitha Cross had a very roundabout introduction to music. Both her mom Toyin Adekale and auntie Maizie Williams were in the influential band Boney M , who according to many including The Independent helped define the late disco-pop 1970s era. Therefore Tali since she was little would spend hours watching and studying their VHS tapes and learning from the very best.

After relocating to LA, Tali experienced a very testing time during which her desire for song writing was born. Left homeless due to difficult circumstances, she slept in Union Station many times, scared, alone and writing songs as a survival tactic.

Fast-forward a few years and now Taliwhoah is signed to the uber cool Rostrum Records and has recently gained praise and support from the likes of DIY, The Quietus, The Fader, Complex, Earmilk and NME to name a few.

“This visual is definitely some insight to my more vulnerable side. I wanted Sweetest Escape to really show what I look like getting lost in the moment from another person’s perspective. Love is so different in everyone’s eyes and that’s what makes it so beautiful.” – Taliwhoah

“Sweetest Escape”, directed by Taliwhoah and Director 411, and shot by Global Before Local, captures the heat of summer in Barcelona – where it was filmed, with use of warm tones. In some scenes you can feel the heavy, humid air of a Spanish Summer on your body and cold tiled flooring under bare feet, while Tali showcases effortless style in eclectic outfits throughout. The directors capture a picture of vulnerability so effortlessly with the use of wide-shots, beautiful cut scenes of high ceilinged rooms and stylistic interior architecture.

“The Sweetest Escape” video and track are both powerfully optimistic, and while they look back to an R&B heyday, Taliwhoah has crafted something entirely of her own, refined by a canny approach to lyricism and unbridled intimacy.