Tacoma recording artist Tizzy TEACH combines forces with Jaguar and Maurv for the visual for his latest hit single “Peter Piper”. Directed by Atwater Media (Co-Director: Jordan from Jordan Rodriguez Visuals), the vision takes us straight from the bed to the party.  Coming with over 3 minutes of good times and good vibes, the track brings viewers to a time when hip-hop was fun and got the party started. Tizzy’s bars come laced with real talk, catchy melodies and obligatory rapper braggadocios.

The video flows in the same vein, packing youthful energy and quality standards rivaling mainstream music videos. It only made sense for Tizzy TEACH to put out an aesthetically pleasing visual, complete with party scenes and crisp videography, sure to put a smile on your face and get you hype for the next hype kickback.

Check out the visual above!

More about TEACH:

Brandon Lomax, also known as Tizzy TEACH (TEACH) is a artist from Tacoma Washington. Getting into music from his father who was also into the music scene, TEACH started the Dysfunctional Family label with his older brother bringing to light the feel and love of true hip hop.

TEACH is not only a lyrical MC but he is also a professional skateboarder. From having his name on a skateboard’s to owning his own Dysfunctional brand getting product such as T shirts and skateboards inside various skateshop’s TEACH is on a climb to the top with no slowing in site.

Keep up with him and his Dysfunctional crew as they release new behind the scene videos “DFam Home Movies,” skate footage, and most of all new music.


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