Tekashi69 Might Be Getting Released Early

Daniel Hernandez, professionally known as Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine, but more popularly known as Snitch9 (damn, that’s bad) throughout Social Media. He asked the judge for leniency recently, stating that “criminal life” isn’t for him and wants a second chance at life. With that second chance he requested, it now looks as though, they are releasing him in the next few days as “time served.”

The professional bean spiller used to speak fervently about being “good in his hood”, but he might face the death penalty by his past colleagues if he ever decides to step foot in his usual areas in New York again, due to the fact of his snitching on every gang member and affiliate he ever rubbed shoulders with.

Tekashi69 was originally facing 47 years, maybe even less for good behavior. But it seems like he might actually walk. His mama even pleaded with the judge, saying “my Danny boy has a good heart.”

The court set the sentencing date for Dec. 18. So be on the look out for more snitchery to come in the highlights of Tekashi69 walk of shame.


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