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Posted by X-yle FL on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Grey area with X-yle an Interview by T.C.H. The Author

TCH: The artist that goes by the name of X-yle. I believe it’s the 1st time you have been on the platform. We here at Hip Hop Headquarters respect talented artists like yourself and appreciate you taking the time out for this interview. How are you doing today?

X-yle:  I’m Good, Can’t complain.

TCH: For the people who don’t know who you are. who is X-yle?

X-yle:   For those that don’t know me, X-YLE is an ambitious Hip Hop artist. An actor, label owner. Couple other positive things that people see me as.

TCH:  You are from New York am I correct? How’s the music scene out there?

X-yle:  Yea, I’m from Queens, New York. The New York scene right now has a lot of hungry talent. Like really hungry and competitive in a positive way for the most part. I think the music (in my city at least) has gotten back to a safe balance of bars and commercially successful content.

TCH: It’s a lot of artists where you’re from that’s on the grind what makes you stand out from the rest? For me, what makes me stand out is not doing what everyone else does. A lot of artists try to ride the same wave because they believe its the quickest way to the top.

X-yle:  I’ve always said my ambition sets me apart from my peers. Nobody does it the way I do. And I’m not saying it because it sounds good. That’s just the way I’ve always been. I apply it to my brand in general and it speaks through the music. I make sure I don’t rap or make songs like other artists that try to match the wave.

TCH: I’ve been watching your grind over the years and I’ve witness the growth and development of your craft. How do you feel that everyone sees you as an underdog?

X-yle: I mean what can I say. Doesn’t really upset me. It keeps me grounded and motivated to do more. Plus who doesn’t love an underdog.

TCH: Who are your musical influences?

X-yle:   DMX, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Eminem. Those are my top.

TCH: As an artist how difficult is it to get notice by the higher ups where you’re from seeing that the level of competition is so steep?

X-yle:   It’s extremely difficult if your numbers don’t hit their radar. You gotta find a way to make your name circulate the most. Can’t get discouraged or distracted.

TCH: What are your next musical projects you working on or currently have out at the moment?

X-yle:   My New project “The Art The Life” I’m done working on. I’m really proud about how it sounds.

TCH:  I understand you’re more than artist and you have a movie coming out called “The GREY AREA” you mind telling the world about it and what the concept is behind it?

X-yle:   “The Grey Area” is a movie I wrote and produced.  It’s loosely based on certain events in my life that transpired. Overall it’s about an indie artist having to balance his life, his relationship, and his love for music.

TCH: Where can people find you if they want to get in contact with you?

X-yle:       Twitter and instagram: @xylenyc

TCH: Well thank you my friend for answering my questions I’m sure the world will have a ball getting to know you and looking forward toward your movie “The Grey Area” we at Hip Hop Headquarters support indie artist on the grind, on the come up, and on the verge to break out an be something special. Much success to you brother keep grinding and can’t wait to see what’s next in line for you.


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