The Seige – Back Up


Hip-hop duo The Seige barrels onto the scene with the animalistic party anthem, “Back Up.” Leaving no room for wallflowers, The Seige demands attention from listeners with this high energy track. “Back Up” is available for digital download and streaming.

James “Taz” Conley (lyricist) and Riley “Goon” Taylor (producer) are the rambunctious masterminds behind the captivating flow and sensual beats reminiscent of legends such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Rage Against The Machine. “Back Up” is a song that was crafted out of the energy felt when someone is just a little too close and or getting too aggressive in your personal space. “We paired that energy with some futuristic sound designed to complement the animalistic natures of the vocals,” says Taz. The primal drumbeats married with the vocal promise of pushing the limits, encourages listeners to push their limits as well.

The duo complements each other’s talent without overpowering one another, creating an easy flow of symbiotic genius. “We are very accepting of each other’s creativity so when one of us has an idea, the other can easily see the vision and we’ll explore that world together.” “Back Up” is the first single off their highly anticipated double EP Duality,and serves as the perfect introduction for new listeners.


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