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Night Terror Creeper is a true story about the night terrors that have haunted me. I would wake up to holes I’ve punched through the walls and broken windows with blood all over my bed. During the shooting of this video I suffered a concussion after falling out of the chair hitting my head on the cement during a performance. Inspired by horror movies this collaboration with director Jamie Mitchell involved dancer and choreographer Andrea Feyler. Our goal was to make the scariest video of the millennium. Additional dancers Paradise Brittain and Julz Lozovaia added some extra heat completing the dance troupe.

The Sweet Kill is a one-man dark pop synth project swelling with emotion. The diviner of this millenarian angst is lead-singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Pete Mills; who portrays toxic love, desperation and redemption from the throes of addiction. After the suicide of his band mate, and personal battles with addiction, Pete speaks of liberation from inner demons.

The Sweet Kill delivers an atmospheric quietus and infectious hooks similar to Awolnation and MGMT, matched with the bulletproof production of The Cure and Nine Inch Nails. The latest releases feature the drumming of Darren King (Mutemath), mixer Dave “Rave” Ogilvie (Marilyn Manson) and co-producer Voli (Bebe Rexha).

Prior to the conception of The Sweet Kill, Mills had an extensive career in the music industry, signing with Nikki Sixx’s label with his former band Flash Bastard and getting kicked off the North American Motley Crue tour. Ulitimately moving to Los Angeles, Pete diverged into a producing career, beginning with a co-production credit for SoulKid1’s smash hit song “We Got More Bounce In California” with Michael Patterson (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club).

This single’s notoriety captured the attention of local labels which transitioned Pete into a successful producing career working with a myriad of artists including Sheryl Crow, Moving Units, Teddy Riley to name a few. The latest releases of The Sweet Kill marks Pete’s meteoric re-entry back into the spotlight of performing again.

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