The Sweet Kill is a one-man dark pop synth project swelling with emotion. The diviner of this millenarian angst is lead-singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Pete Mills; who portrays toxic love, desperation and redemption from the throes of addiction. After the suicide of his band mate, and personal battles with addiction, Pete speaks of liberation from inner demons.

The Sweet Kill delivers an atmospheric quietus and infectious hooks similar to Awolnation and MGMT, matched with the bulletproof production of The Cure and Nine Inch Nails. The latest releases feature the drumming of Darren King (Mutemath), mixer Dave “Rave” Ogilvie (Marilyn Manson) and co-producer Voli (Bebe Rexha).

War depicts the struggle of addition. Moving from one hit/drink to the next there is no regard for anything or anyone else even ones own self. I’m able to go there having overcome my own demons. Myself and Voli collaborated on this message to create identification and conversation. Addiction is NOT a moral issue and the treatment community and medical professionals consider it an illness.

War’s purpose is to inspire and provoke questions! War’s dirge like demeanor is personified by Darren King’s aggressive backbeat! Recorded mixed and mastered by David Ogilvie at the Warehouse Studio, Pete Mills And Voli at Art Sonic. The abrasive horns symbolize the unrelenting noise of the ominous affliction. War is the lead off single for the forthcoming Love & Death EP.


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