TheDeeepEnd “Think Good Thoughts” [Album Stream] | @theDeeepEnd |


By the time we’ve become an adult, the wonders of childhood are gone, the time of our lives we were once excited for, we come to realize adulthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. North Carolina’s TheDeeepEnd has felt this on every level. What happens when life beats you with health problems, depression, loneliness, comparisons and other deterrents? TheDeeepEnd decided to create “Think Good Thoughts” an poignant introduction to a well-rounded artist.


TheDeeepEnd decided to hole up with his fellow artists and fully craft an EP “Think Good Thoughts”. Producing the entire project while handling the entirety of the lyrical load shows a glimpse of the potential he brings to the table as an emcee, artist and producer. Most impressive is TheDeeepEnd’s ability to keep the energy and passion through the whole project despite the subject matter. Between the beat changes on “War, Zone” or the revealing struggles of an artist on “Bonds/The Formula” TheDeeepEnd relates to the listener while crafting a project guaranteed to be explosively energetic for the live audience.

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