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Hip hop has an essence to it.  It’s something to be lived, felt and experienced.  Recognized as a world culture, it has the potential to shift perspective and change lives.  It has become one of the leading money-generating industries in the world because It encompasses a wide range of emotions, states of being, and backgrounds and portrays them through countless mediums.  In order to perpetuate its positivity and keep the movement going it needs leadership and influencers to keep its essence alive.  One person who fits into both of these roles is Holly ‘LP’ Wood (McKillip).

Currently living and hosting her shows in Minneapolis, MN, Holly is on a continuous mission to build a platform and community for artists and music lovers to grow, experience, and ingest as much musical art, business knowledge, and hip hop culture as possible.

She has two shows: one named “The Eargasm w/ LP” which focuses on independent artist discovery and growth through a community of devoted followers and “LP TV” which is a podcast on Wednesdays aimed at featuring guests covering various topics of the music industry for new and experienced artists to learn and grow. Each appeal to a different audience but Holly hopes to blend these two groups into a positive community of avid appreciators of artistry on all levels.

Coming from humble beginnings, Holly was raised in Yorktown, VA and moved around a lot being in a military family and eventually joining the military herself. Being an emcee for about 7 years and a poet for 12 years prior to that, Holly also started doing music reviews early in her career.  Being stationed all around the country has afforded her the experiences of different music scenes, thus constantly growing her network.  Adding to this mix the leadership skills to bring people together under a unified reason and one can begin to understand that Holly is cultivating a culture.

“When I first started I didn’t know how to do anything.  I was self taught everything.  You get a lot of artists who come in and say they can do things on their own but I have a group of people here who can help with what needs work.”

From branding to song structure, back end deals to chord transitions, Holly’s platform is growing with like-minded, talented individuals willing to help each other out and sharing a space on her weekly shows.  “We’ve had people that you can tell have just started rapping but they’ve kept up with the show for the course of the year and you can see their progress.  I think the biggest aspect of being able to help is that I’ve been in their shoes as an artist.  I even encourage people to resubmit tracks after getting feedback from the community.”

An artist herself, Holly believes that her personal experience makes what she has to offer that much more valuable to emerging artists.  She appreciates the underground because it seems to be where a lot of the valuable, honest art is.  “The core values for the music that I love don’t necessarily support mainstream music so I set out to find people I like.  I’m trying to build a big enough platform for people to want to come in, have a good time, and / or leave with better information than they had before.”  Her newest single, Saturday, is a testament to the hard work and dedication she has put into her career thus far.  She briefly explains her process: “Everyone is different but my process involves Finding a beat, finding a song concept and structure, then recording, mixing, and figuring out promotion and release date, cover art.  Make sure to submit everything early, but the most important things are the artistic side (as opposed to the business side).”

Holly believes people who put out music should do it with a purpose.  When releasing music on the business side she understands how hectic and stressful it can be from first hand experience making sure everything is in order.  Some people are born to be mainstream entertainers, others remain great underground artists.  This is why her platform is a great place for artists to congregate and explore new possibilities.

“I’m lucky that I don’t get a lot of garbage on my show.  Maybe it’s the community but everybody tries to help everybody (and I think that shows).  I’ve had some A-1 Day 1’s that have caught my ear and shown tremendous growth on the Eargasm such as Nuance the Artist, Ty the Tyrant, and Tragik”

Make sure to check her shows and become part of the awesome community Holly is cultivating. There can never be too many A-1 Day 1’s!

The Eargasm w/ LP airs Saturday nights. Check out for more info. Also stream Holly’s newest single here



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