ThisisMakaInc – My Tongue is Vicious

“My Tongue is Vicious” is the latest single by Canadian rap artist ThisisMakaInc, produced by Astrological Beats.

ThisisMakaInc best describes the life and leisure of Will Maka and those who have done their part in developing the brand and the subsidiaries under it’s umbrella.

Some may remember Will Maka as MadMak (2004-2008) or the former founding member of Canada’s very own, powerhouse touring sensation OkayCity (2005-2010). In more recent years he was the mind, voice and heart behind the RudeMan LP (2013), which was very well received due to it’s heavyweight production by MD of the BoomsDay Alliance.

Bringing an entire new sound to the forefront of the Canadian urban music scene and being dubbed the founder of West Coast Canadian Grime (2016), Will flexed on all platforms rejuvenating the underground. As change was inevitable we heard the House infused single Sweatin’ (2016) produced by Ian Hughes (UK), gearing his skills toward a more melodic harmonious laid back sound. Later that year Maka also received an International Song Writing Nomination (ISC, 2016) for his infectious uplifting single Summer Rain (prod. Ian Hughes, 2015). However, with many years of successes came several more of heart break and turmoil. But with these lessons learned and experience gained, a new era of thoughts and ideas are unfolding. With production currently underway for the return to the signature sound of MakaXMD, with heir first single entitled “It’s Rude” (2019) now available.

In addition, he is the co-founder and owner operator of Dressing Life’s Wounds Clothing Co. (We All Bleed the Same) and a self proclaimed creative radical. Avid supporter of skate, snow and water sport culture, creative writer, producer (Makabeatz) and recording engineer. He has a good way of making his audience appreciate everything.

ThisisMakaInc is sure to not only capture your attention, but will bringing a new light to a genre many will come to love. While captivating audiences with a live show all his own, you will be sure to find Maka uniting us all through the power of sound, and more importantly the fun we sometimes forget to have.


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