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Washington D.C. artist / designer TROOFFOREVER has spent many years garnering a name for himself both locally and on the interwebs. The world first got a taste of what the DMV talent had to offer way back in 2013 with the release of his project, “Versatile”. Since then, he’s worked with a long line of producers and dropped numerous projects such as “Versatile 2”, “Throwback Thursday 1 & 2” and his latest body of work, “Forever”. His maturity shows all throughout the 6 track EP that features Crackem$tan, Treaypound and Whitney Sweetwine. The D.C. veteran delivers no filler, head nodding singles such as “Get Paid”, “G.G.T.M.” and “To The League”. THQ had the opportunity to chat it up with TROOFFOREVER in the following THQ Interview. We speak about his early beginnings, the “Forever” EP, what’s to come and much more. Join us in the conversation below.

THQ: It’s a pleasure having you with us today TROOF. You’re a proud D.C. resident and have been creating music for some time now. How has the DMV scene inspired your music and who are some of the artists from the area that influenced your style?

TROOFFOREVER: It’s a pleasure to be apart of this interview. The DMV has inspired my music a lot because that’s what I grew up around. Whether through family or through my peers in school, DC style is just so fresh and unique. I couldn’t help but embrace it and make it my own. I was highly inspired by go go bands and Wale if we’re speaking artists from the area.

Before coming into a solo act, you got your early start as a duo named Nconvenienttroof. For the readers that may not be familiar to your back story, can you share some insight behind the group and where things currently stand for the brand / movement?

NCT started with me and friend of mine doing a music competition then deciding to turn it into something more. The brand still stands firm though. Couple members were added and some decided to do there own thing. I respect it but the team still stands. It’s more like a label: MMG, G.O.O.D music type thing now.

It was 2013 in the month of May that the world was introduced to TROOFFOREVER via your debut project, “Versatile”. Going back into that era, how did it feel to premiere your very first solo album? What did you enjoy about the process the most and is there anything that current day TROOF would have liked to share with the 2013 version?

Aw man, I loved that process of making “Versatile”! It meant so much to me due to the fact that I put a lot of effort into it. It was my first time doing a lot of things. I enjoyed just hitting the studio and laying my heart out in the booth to put my vision to fruition. Today, I would def tell my 2013 self to be 3 steps ahead and be strategic with everything.

#FYI My first video, “Grind Don’t Stop”, did some impressive numbers and is still on YouTube if anyone wants to check it out.

From that point in time, you released “Versatile 2” and a new series you dubbed “Throw Back Thursday”. How do these two series differ from one another? Can we expect to hear a new addition to either one in the future?

The “Versatile” series was me displaying my style but to different sounds. Also showing people that I do a lot of things on my own. “Versatile” was more than the music. Most of the music videos were shot by an NCT member and edited by me. The covers were designed by me as well. Because as an artist, alot of times you have to do things yourself before you can get the help you want later down the line. The throwback series is pretty self explanatory. Just me displaying my lyrical skills over throwback beats that I loved to listen to years back when I was a little younger.

As for an addition to either series…. I’m unsure as of yet but I just might. Really because I feel a lot of people slept on those projects.

Since your first release to 2018, you’ve stayed pretty consistent when it comes to dropping new projects. How do you properly manage your time in order to do that?

Well thanks for noticing the consistency! (Laughs) I write a lot so I always have verses laying around in my phone. So once I find beats I’m interested in, I match verses up and add new ones when necessary. I love the grind, so it’s pretty easy for me to put projects together.

“Forever”, IMO, is your best piece of music thus far. From the beat selections to your catchy songwriting ability, you took your time to perfect this one! Please share with our readers that all went into creating this EP and why you decided on keeping the song selection low as compared o your prior projects.

You are definitely not the first and I’m sure not the last person to say that “Forever” is my best project to date and I totally agree. In creating this EP it took time, effort, focus and patience. I focused a lot on my beat selection, took time to create great lyrical content and hooks to gather listening ears. I was very patient on arranging all the music the best way possible. I def had help from my NCT members because having other ears helps in not losing your mind in your own thoughts and second guessing stuff. My motto is to always do things better than the last thing you did and I made it my goal to complete that with this EP. I kept the song selection low because there is already so much music to consume. So I felt if I drop 6 songs, people will listen and appreciate the music without being overwhelmed or bored with the whole project.

“Forever” has been picking up heavy momentum on the internet. Now that the release has dawned on us, what’s next up for the album TROOF? Do you have any plans to release videos or upcoming performances you can share with us?

Yeah. I Just released the “Get Paid” music video which was shot in Las Vegas might I add. (Laughs) And I do plan on shooting more videos before this summer is over. I feel that visuals are most important for fans to stay engaged. I also have a show in DC June 22 at Velvet lounge where I will be shooting the “Sex So Good” music video as well.

Aside from music, you also do graphic and visual design. You actually did the “Forever” cover. Who are some of past/current clients? If anyone were interested in inquiring your talents, how can they reach out to you?

Yes that is correct. I’ve had a number of clients, from friends, to recommendations from others. If anyone wants any graphic design work, you can hit me up on my social media, my website or email

If any of our readers wanted to stay updated on new releases, breaking news, etc., where could they find you at online?

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @troofforever

Also frequently check my website for all my updates as well.

On behalf of THQ, we’d like to thank you for giving us a few moments of your time and offering insight behind you as a musician and person. Before letting you get back to business, is there anything else you’d like to share with us? Perhaps you’d like to send out some shouts?

First off, thanks for this interview and I want to shoutout my NCT guys and all my legit supporters. I may not know all of you but I constantly feel the love and want you to know that you are very much appreciated!

Although TROOFFOREVER has been highly active in the DMV music scene, he’s still driven to break into other national markets and more so, globally. With entries such as with “Forever”, he shouldn’t have any problems in doing exactly that. He can do trap, he can do R&B fusion, he can do it all. Stay tuned to TROOF via social media and her on Hip Hop Headquarters as we will be bringing you future releases as they become available.



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