#THQPremiere Izzy Strange Launches A Full House Inspired Video For “No Commercials”


Izzy Strange and Zeus Thomas take a comical route for their latest visual treatment of “No Commercials” from Strange’s new album, “A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy” –

After premiering his sophomore album “A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy” here on THQ earlier this month, Izzy Strange is back with another Zues Thomas-directed video. This time, the pair look towards the Nate Fox-produced “No Commercials”. The song features cuts from DJ Halo and has become a fan favorite during performance slots.

Finding inspiration from MTV’s “The Real World” and the classic family series “Full House”, Izzy introduces viewers to his four person persona. This ensemble includes Izzy Strange (emcee), Stephen Hernley (the nine to fiver), Izzle (hot shot rapper-business mogul) and the hilarious Stoner Steve.

Unlike the previously released videos “Real Love” and “God’s Got A Gun”, this release is less conceptually deep. It’s aim is to simply get your head nodding with a few laughs in between. Enjoy the video up above and make sure to check out the album as well.