#THQPremiere Neo Tempus – “Vagabond” – @NeoTempus



Neo Tempus is an artist/producer from the Toronto, Canada region. Today, he eagerly premieres the official single, “Vagabond” –

“Vagabond” is the lead single from Neo Tempus’ upcoming EP, “Defeat Fear Accept Excellence”, which currently has a 2018 release date. Although having already released previous musical workings, Neo has gone on record as stating this as being his first truly official single. This song is about accepting who Tempus is as a person, the stage he’s at currently in life and the path he’s chosen to take. He also gave this statement in regards to the track.

“Fear we all have it, we all experience it, we all battle it, some are defeated by it, some overcome it. It is one of the driving factors to the decisions we make, the way we live our lives, and just like everyone else I’m facing them, every single day… only I intend in defeating them all. My music is me chronicling my journey. I aim to defeat all my fears, and accept the excellence I know I am capable of. As I take on courage as a lifestyle. I hope to inspire all those who come across me, to be the best them they can be.”