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Columbus, Ohio artist Tieran tries explaining how important his girl is to him on “My Moon”, track 4 from his recent album, “Deep End”

Columbus musician Tieran has been creating music in the hip-hop space for almost a decade now, conquering both the emcee and producer space. He does not mince words or hold back thus making you feel his emotions and energy, whether it is sinking depression or fiery anger. On September 28th, after four years in the making, the talented artist will be releasing his entirely self-produced, first official album; Deep End.

Deep End can be interpreted three ways: drowning (depression), going crazy (“going off the deep end”), and depending (deep end-ing) on music. These define the album’s theme, treading water while carrying the weight of everyday life’s frustrations and battles. The record begins aggressively with Tieran exploding in passion and anger initially hiding any symptoms of depression. Abruptly, the tone calms and he reveals the pressures he is experiencing. From there the album takes a seemingly optimistic turn, overshadowing the dark undertones Tieran vaguely alludes to. He bares it all as the album comes to a close in the beautifully raw, cinematic ending.

Everything you hear and see with Deep End was crafted by himself; including production, recording, engineering, and the cover art. He made it a point to not include any guest verses or outsourced work. An album can’t be more personal, this album is Tieran.


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