TigerSwan – “Young/Wild/Reckless”

“Young/Wild/Reckless” is the second single from TIGER/SWAN in 2019, and the follow up to their latest single “Novocaine” that gathered a lot of radio plat in Denmark as well as playlists and streams on Spotify.

It’s easy to hear the ambitions of TIGERSWAN’s through their productions; “Young/Wild/Reckless” is a groovy and energetic pop song, just served in time for the summer heat.

The song takes you back to the time adolescence and all the temptations it contains and what is followed by that: love/seduction, the doubt, and the heart ache. The song also raises questions we’ve all had: when you’re dumped, do you move on, as your friends suggest? Or do you stick with what you believe in? And how do we move on when it’s over?

The trio build the song around these three parts – the verse is the love and seduction, the pre-chorus takes you through the uncertain mind of the protagonist; “Don’t care what they say, they don’t know you, I do and I want, you to be convinced that I’m the one.” And it all ends with the big question, most of us have tried, in the hooklines of the song: “How do we fix a broken heart?…… When we’re young, wild and reckless”

“We’ve all been tricked by girls and left behind without a clue.. More than just twice..! You say that you eventually learn how to handle it and get smarter as time go by – But it’s never logical, and that is exactly what makes it so exciting”, says leadsinger Andreas Neiiendam, with a smile.

“YOUNG/WILD/RECKLESS” once more shows TIGER/SWAN’s ability for setting up a melodic universe with great melodies. At the same time it reinforces the expression the last single from the rapidly up-and-coming trio expressed: It’s pop with big ambitions.


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