Tim Schou is Done “Beating around the Bush” on new Summer Single | @TimSchouMusic |

After six months focusing on the acoustic singer-songwriter genre and unplugged living room concerts, the diverse artist Tim Schou now takes a step towards the urban pop style and flirts reggae rhythms on his new single “Beat Around The Bush”.

“Beat Around the Bush” instantly gives associations to long festive summer evenings in good company, with its laid back reggae-rhythms and funky urban beat. The song is in fact written in the heat of the Mediterranean sun on a writer camp in Mallorca together with Danish songwriter Lise Cabble and Swedish producer Fredrik Sonefors.

“We had been in the studio all week and were already 5-6 songs in, so we naturally thought we didn’t have much more in us. We decided to just have fun in the studio and go with our instinct, and 30 minutes later we had a rough sketch for “Beat Around The Bush”. Then we started playing around with the production and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show the more spontaneous side of myself, ” says Tim Schou.

For the past six months, Tim has focused on his acoustic singer-songwriter material. First, the live EP concept “FACE TO FACE”, since a calendar filled up with app. 50 of his popular living room concerts and a showcase at this year’s SPOT festival. It culminated with the single Acapella, which has achieved quite the success with rotation on Danish national radio P4 and VH1, lots of plays in German and Austrian radio, as well as thousands of daily listeners throughout Scandinavia.

With Beat Around The Bush, Tim is done beating around the bush and indulges the festive playfulness of the summer, with a video based on recordings from his promotion tour to MusExpo in LA, filmed by Lukas Valentin.

“It can’t all be dark and melancholic, that would be too one-sided as the exact opposite is just as big a part of me. I always try to stay free in my direction, so it feels really good to release this summer single written on instinctive fun and attitude.” Tim Schou finishes.

Fredrik Sonefors laid the fundation of the production, which was finalized by the Swedish producer Kim W (Zara Larsson, Erik Hassle), and Canadian songwriter Martin Gallop (Alma, Robin Schultz) did the finishing touches to the composition.


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