Tofer Dolan Drops New Single “Baby Daddy” | @ToferDolan |


It was a late-night dream the sparked the start of Tofer Dolan, the musical project of singer Asher Roth and producer Oren Yoel. Tofer Dolan is a departure from the artists’ previous musical ventures and their debut into the alternative-pop world. The artists push their musical boundaries in their third offering, “Baby Daddy,” a track that twists the typical elements of pop-music into a Picasso-esque, surrealist experience.

Smooth guitar riffs, bright organs, and a heavy-hitting snare usher you in as vocalist Asher Roth serenades you with his transcendent falsetto. Muddy guitars lend a touch of emotional improvisation, much like the nature of the song itself. “Baby Daddy” is personal, vulnerable, and tells the story of a man who falls in love with a woman who has a child from a previous relationship. Roth adds,” I think the position of a step parent is pretty interesting. I’m curious to hear about people’s different experiences with raising children that aren’t their own.”

With a driving bass-line and irresistible melody, “Baby Daddy” is a staple track for those hazy summer nights.


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