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Florida’s own, Tonii Boii drops an instant classic with new single “Sweet Home West Orlando”! Inspired from landmark music of one of the best rock bands in the recent past, Tonii channels his inner outlaw as he rides through West Orlando claiming his territory and reeking havoc on anyone in his way. Listen as the Sunshine State’s gunslinger releases yet another hit adding to an already impressive vault in the early stages of his sprouting career.

“Sweet Home West Orlando track was inspired by me being on the road. I was on tour in Jacksonville Florida, we had a walk-through at the radio station and a club the same day. I searched for a country/ hip-hop style type beat on YouTube and it just gave me a vibe to do something different with my style of music. I made and had this song stored away in my catalog for a while, even actually gave up on it until I sent it to my management. As soon as they heard it, they told me it was a hit. Within a short period after sending them the track, they set up label meetings for me. We went to Atlanta and met with Delante of Empire, he heard the record and told Dj Ave to pick up a guitar and play an acoustic version of the song. I rapped over the instrumental and that was it, they loved it. Shortly after recording and mastering the track, I posted a snippet on Instagram of a Triller video I created to showcase the song and it went viral. Now I am ready to release this track and shake up the game in a big way.” – TONII BOII


In an age where today’s current rap artists often choose to chase clout or embellish the details of their life for dramatic effect, West Orlando rapper Tonii Boii boasts a refreshing transparency born out of a tumultuous childhood and chaotic adult life.

A nomadic upbringing for Tonii and his siblings in the notorious Parramore neighborhood included moving through 7 elementary schools and 4 middle schools, often separated and relocated. Family stability was found through his Grandmother as well as his adoptive mother Brenda Betts, whom Tonii Boii credits as his angel.

Captivated by charismatic rappers like 2Pac, Hot Boyz, Trick Daddy and Red Dogg, by the time Tonii Boii reached Edgewater High, he lost complete interest in the curriculum and began recording in local studios while also fully entrenched in surviving street life by any means necessary.

In 2013, Tonii Boii’s standout track “Nobody Knows” reached the ears of Orlando DJ Disco JR, who soon became Tonii’s manager. However, their tight-knit relationship was cut far too short when Disco JR was killed from a fatal stab wound in downtown Orlando, leaving Tonii at a complete loss for words.

Adding to the turmoil for Tonii, Brenda Betts passed away in 2013, as well as his best friend killed from Police fire during an improper studio raid. TV News reports and local headlines marked Tonii Boii and his circle as public enemies despite the increasingly warm reception to his tracks.

His 2015 cut “Jiggin” quickly caught fire and allowed Tonii Boii to be booked for shows across the state, while 2016’s “Bae Head” grew tremendously popular online and grew his fan base. With fellow West Orlando natives Woop and Glokk9 securing major record deals, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Tonii Boii to link up with respected Orlando imprint 448 Music Group, headed by PI Bang.

As his buzz-single “Spin” featuring Glokk9 heats up airwaves and online, Tonii Boii knows that his #GetUpBoosie hashtag will also become a talking point for new fans. Although listeners may initially assume Tonii is referring to the New Orleans rapper, he is actually referencing his final words to his brother Desoun, also nicknamed “Boosie” by their mother.

In 2019 he released the singles “High Self Esteem” and “Can’t Complain” along with an album “Paid In Full II” containing “Faucet”. His release of “Faucet” in 2019 had all of central Florida on its feet ready to move. With an extensive radio run on Florida’s urban radio stations.

He recently signed with Empire in collaboration with 448 Music Group and is working on promoting his brand on a global scale.




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