Top Songs You May Sing Daily About Witchcraft

witchcraftThe topic of witchcraft has skyrocketed within the last few years with millions of people stating its all evil. Witchcraft (just like any religion) has good and bad people and the title has been stereotyped and tarnished for centuries. People who have claimed or been stated to be witches have been burned alive for things such as healing the sick, combining forces against evil, predicting the future, and so much more. But I bring this topic up to focus on how many artists who have spoken on witchcraft that you will sing and rap the words daily.

Witches come in every aspect of elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Air. Some mean good, and some mean evil. But please believe it is not different than your religion. And all witches are not religious. You have pagans…wiccans…and then witches. Pagans believe in the God(s) of Valhalla, Wiccans believe in the Gods and Goddesses, and a witch believes in the universe and nature that binds us all together.

Nina Simone – “I put a spell on you”

A classic…

Lauryn Hill – Ready Or Not

Bless you if you represent the Fu
But I’ll hex you with some witch’s brew
If you’re doo-doo, voodoo
I can do what you do, easy, believe me
Fronting niggas give me hee-bee-gee-bees
So while you’re imitating Al Capone, I’ll be Nina Simone
And defecating on your microphone


Frank Sinatra – Witchcraft

When you arouse the need in me
My heart says yes indeed in me
Proceed with what you’re leading me to
It’s such an ancient pitch
But one I wouldn’t switch
‘Cause there’s no nicer witch than you

Lil Kim “Its All About the Benjamins”

Uh, uh, what the blood clot
Wanna bumble with the Bee, huh?
Bzzz, throw a hex on the whole family
Dressed in all black like The Omen
Have your friends singin’, “This is for my homie”

Beyonce (Her WHOLE Lemonade Album)

If you watched the movie for Lemonade..there were so many signs..deny it…its fine.

Here is a link to all of the lyrics.

Jay-Z – “Lucifer”

Some will say its a stretch but it really isnt…Lucifer falls under satanic witchcraft. There was a time back in 2010 where many believed he sold his soul to the devil…hence the crazy illuminati stories. I personally don’t believe that, and by the way…all witches do NOT worship the devil.

Marilyn Manson “Cupid Carries a Gun”

Pound me the witch drums, the witch drums
Pound me the witch drums
Pound me the witch drums, the witch drums
Better pray for hell, not hallelujah

Koko Taylor – “Voodoo Woman

Migos “Bad and Boujie”

Dabbin’ on ’em like the usual (dab)
Magic with the brick, do voodoo (magic)

Muddy Waters – My John The Conqueror Root

Katy Perry “Dark Horse” 

The whole damn song.. even though she delivered horribly on the visual

Little Mix – “Black Magic” 

No need for me to write the lyrics for you….


We welcome you to sing all the lyrics without denial that you might be supporting witches. I cannot 100% claim these artists are witches, but I will say I know 70% are. (I will not claim who). But stop singing these songs in the shower or bumping them in the car to just post on your social media timeline that witchcraft is evil and god is good.

Memphis Jug Band – Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues


Just a small rant…in summary…some of yall dont even comprehend the lyrics you sing and rap about. The beat bumps, and 98% of your rappers or R&B celebs will degrade women and children in their lyrics but will tweet “God is Good” and yall go HAM claiming its a blessing.

Gertrude ‘Ma’ Rainey – Louisiana Hoo Doo Blues

Stop stereotyping witches, we have been there for feminism, many for veganism, womans’ rights, equality, fight for child abandonment, sexual, mental, and physical abuse.

Eagles – Witchy Woman

Woo hoo, witchy woman
See how high she flies
Woo hoo, witchy woman
She got the moon in her eye
She held me spellbound in the night
Dancing shadows and firelight
Crazy laughter in another room
And she drove herself to madness with a silver spoon

Radiohead – Burn The Witch

This is a low flying panic attack
Sing the song of sixpence that goes
Burn the witch
Burn the witch
We know where you live
We know where you live

I will soon be gathering a list of shows and movies on the same topic later…until then you can read my article about Netflix’s show Sabrina here.





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