Multi-talented artist / Dallas native Toya Nash delivers her visual for her latest hit single “Now What”. Toya releases a legitimate song of the summer contender, with a bouncing rhythm and enchanting hook that feels like it could loop endlessly in any rooftop party or sweating in traffic with the windows rolled down… Funk, electronic, and R&B all swirl together effortlessly on Toya’s sonic canvas.

“It’s about caring for someone deeply, having his back through his troubles, but realizing in the end that he doesn’t have your back in return, and is instead wreaking havoc and being reckless with your emotions, The song is really about taking your power back and moving on with abandon. It’s an anthem.”

Success is served up on a platter like steak for those hard working enough, strategic enough, and intelligent enough to make their dreams and visions real. Toya’s fierce confidence and optimism has driven her to push forward towards a life of prosperity.

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