Trel Mack’s New Single “Feenin for You”

Trel Mack’s New Single, ‘Feenin for You’, Nears Release,
New Album ‘September’ to Drop this Fall

Trel Mack is back, as only he can be. The celebrated hip-hop artist from Philadelphia will be dropping his latest single, ‘Feenin for You’ on July 7, 2018 under the SKE Records label. The single is derived from Trel’s new album ‘SEPTEMBER’ that is slated for release this Fall. ‘Feenin for You’ strikes the listeners with a new sensuality and maturity of  a performance. Trel is the true Yo Gotti in his words. After bursting into the music scene in 2007-08, Trel raised public expectations to a new high, but soon retraced his steps back from the spotlight. His next wave of creativity peaked again in 2012. After a hiatus of three years, Trel is returning to what he loves the most vowing to never give up.

The release of ‘September’ will be a special event for Trel’s fans. Trel will also be launching a documentary that traces his life from his  failures to successes. The album also marks a shift in how regularly Trel creates new projects. Trel is the product of the elite Philadelphia music scene, and is recognized as a versatile and multi-faceted artist. Trel music sounds both original as well as familiar, A signature style he has now honed to perfection. His past successful albums include ‘Night Before the Dawn’ (2016) and ‘Inspired by Greatness’.
Trel’s rhyming techniques and lyrical content is clever in it’s own right delivering a punch of sounds that are catchy, ambient and energetic.

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