Trading New York for Los Angeles, TriOrca are the Wu-Tang Clan of musicians. Comprised of multi-instrumentalist and producer Phil Simmonds, drummer and producer David Diaz and writer/vocalist Whitney Meyer, TriOrca are a unique ensemble of creatives who meet at the nexus of artistic intent and musicianship.

Individually, each member of TriOrca has built the kind of musical resume that raises the right sort of eyebrows. Collectively, TriOrca have ticked every conceivable live performance box. Toured the world with Jessie J? Phil did that. Duet with Sam Henshaw at an LA nightclub? Whitney did that. Lay down live drums for Eryn Allen Kane’s forthcoming project? David did that. While Phil played the bass. And the keys. And worked the boards. And while that was happening, Whitney was in another studio, laying down vocals for Empire of the Sun.

Brought together by a shared passion for soul and musicality, TriOrca are both the fresh and familiar. Combining their unique sense of rhythm and melody, and borrowing a dash of soul from a generation past, TriOrca channel nostalgia into a sleek modern package.

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