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Hip Hop Headquarters got an opportunity to sit down with New York City artist and entertainer Ana Baby to catch up on returning to the industry following her 2016 hiatus. Focused, with God and the universe on her side, Ana cannot be stopped as she glides through 2018. With a new single out and a psunami of new content to flood fans back to the shore, the Eastcoast light is ready for the world and refused to let anything hold her back this time around.

Ana BabyHow has 2018 been treating you so far? Has it been everything you expected or are there some goals your still working towards accomplishing?

It’ss been amazing because I haven’t been on the scene since 2016; I took a 2 year hiatus to get my business in order and I changed management and I truly must say I am happy now. I was sad for a minute, I can’t lie..but things are definitely progressing. I hit the ground running and it feels like I never left. If anything, I have more fans now but  I have not reached (all) my accomplishments. I’m on my way tho. I’m on a money mission and I won’t be happy until I buy my mom a white Benz.

What inspired you to do music? Have you always known music was going to be the career path you’d choose?

My family is very musical. My mom had me taking piano lessons at nine years old and my sister Talia Coles is also an artist, she’s known as the musical stylist signed to MMG. I always joke with her and tell her she was my first manager because the first time I ever got in the booth, she hooked me up to do ad libs on a very famous rapper album and I was so young I didn’t know I was in the presence of LL Cool J and it would be on The Goat album. They cut me a check & the rest was history. I was bit by the music bug and we have been dealing ever since. The thing about music is, you either have it or you don’t…it’s a lifestyle!
Ana Baby

How did growing up in the Bronx influence your style as an artist?

 I actually grew up in Harlem and I think Harlem, being the mecca of swag and dance, influenced my persona. I like to keep it cool because it can go from 0-100 real quick and I like making money. I get my hustle from Harlem. But eventually I met a dude from the Bronx and started hanging there. The Bronx brought out my aggression and I think you hear the feistiness in my lyrics plus the it has a big influence on my flow … the Bronx is where Hip Hop was created and shoutout to Fat Joe, RIP Big Pun, shout to Remy Ma, Cardi B because they put the Bronx back on the map and now we going to keep it like that.

Party With Ana is a fun track, full of life and energy. Why did you decide to remix Bartier Cardi? What do you hope listeners take away from the remix?

Well, facts are facts and Cardi is killing it right now! The track spoke to me so I figured since she’s got everyones attention, I’ll jump on it no parachute and it’s a freestyle so I didn’t have any expectations. I’ve been gone for so long that I jus want give my fans all I’ve got.

You’ve performed alongside some major acts including Lil Durk and French Ana BabyMontana. How would you say your performance style has changed throughout your career? What do you do to make sure your live performance experience is just as good as the one fans experience when listening to your music at home?

Well I live for Mrs. Carter (Beyonce), baby, and what I love about her is her live performance. So I know what I want to feel is what I want my fans to feel as well. The showgirl in me shows off everything and there’s no shame in my game, baby.

What artists or notable people have influenced your musical journey?

 Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Lil Kim were all a huge factor for me.

What can fans expect next from the Ana Baby brand?

Honey, my Anamianiacs can expect fun, sexy, swaggy, rich, quality flow, attitude and love, as well as merchandise & products from my brand. I want to go into cosmetics, fashion , culinary, and education and I aspire to do future music seminars to keep the music alive in our communities. But whatever God has planned for me is what will be an the plan and to do it full force!


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