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A moving force on the independent music scene as well on the scores of some of everyone’s favorite feature films and television shows, Toledo artist Treasured Peace linked up with Hip Hop Headquarters to talk new music, new opportunities, and age-old passions. A former gospel singer, Treasured’s testimony of overcoming fear and doubt and radiating gratefulness through her music is a game-changing story epitomizing the importance of treasuring one’s peace.

Treasured PeaceWhat are you most thankful for at this juncture in your career?

I am thankful to be able to express and impact others through the platform God has placed before me with my gifts. Music and entertainment was always something I had in my heart since a child and to be able to get it across to more people is a blessing by itself. It is no easy to do what I do in this business, I face a lot of hardships but that doesn’t stop me from going about my journey.

You’ve done well with placing your records in major film and television productions. What is that process like and what advice do you have for other artists aspiring to gain more cinematic placements for their songs?

Well, the process has been a path all on its own as well, being patient but aggressive is always the key to me. I sent out a lot of music to multiple films and whatever gets pick up is amazing alone. What doesn’t get used for one film can get pushed to another if the film hasn’t changed the direction of the movie, which also happened before. Having a team to push it is good so that you can always have other opportunities instead of just one shot.

How was the transition from singing gospel to secular music? Did you get a lot of backlash?

Well, the switch was hard because certain family members weren’t feeling it at all. I got looked down on for awhile then as time past it pretty much is like… it is what it is. I have many talented members in my family doing major things in the secular word and we all came from the same church family. So I guess they just conformed to it.

How did your hometown of Toledo influence your musical style?

My city really loves with I hit the stage. I always get a relation to Aaliyah, MC Lyte, Da Brat, TLC & etc. due to my style and how I execute on the stage. I also get mad haters at the same time. It’s a lot of minds that try to create competitive races that are never there to me. I don’t do this to race. I’m just trying to achieve my dreams and really reach people to make a positive change.

You’ve done a lot of things involving both music and hair. How do these things Treasured Peacecome together for you? Is cosmetology a passion of yours as well?

Okay, so I started modeling at 17 for my sister Fingaz and my mother at hair shows like the Milky Way Hair Competitions & Passion Hair Magazines. My mom and sister would gather me and my other sister along with my cousins and their friends and make up routines and go around the country competing. Fingaz would make these outfits out of hair and do our makeup and we would go out there and kill it! And then we would really win! So, this was a huge impact on my stage presence today because I know that look I need to have on stage to stand apart. Cosmetology is definitely not my passion. I cannot deal oh my god! I’d rather be the model.

What other artists are you listening to right now? What’s in your stereo?

I listen to Beyonce, Rihanna, Trippy Red, Drake, Future, Mary J. Blige, Dj Khaled, Jaden Smith, Kendrick Lamar, Chris  Brown, Aaliyah, MIgos, Cardi B, Tinashe, Teyana Taylor, Kehlani, and SZA. I really listen to a lot of everybody. I like to hear good music no matter where it’s coming from and if it sounds good I’m down to hear it when it’s mixed and mastered correctly. So my playlist is kind of everywhere [smiles]. I know I just named some people that probably shocked some.

What can fans expect next from Treasured Peace?

What my fans can expect from me is consistency, perseverance, diligence, and a steady shock wave.


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