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In a genre full of rags to riches stories, death defying tales of prison, the streets and ghetto warfare, it’s rare to hear a story that’s as inspirational and unique and rising Bronx, NY artist, Maserati Money.

Born with the Spina Bifida, the disabling condition that placed him a wheelchair all his life, then add the regular pressures of being a black male raised in an urban environment and all the traps that come with it, we can all agree the odds weren’t stacked in his favor.

Never the less he continues to chase his dreams and goals never let anything stop him. From being featured on top blogs  to legendary performances all over New York City,  we can all agree Maserati Money is a force of nature.


  1. Where are you from?

Maserati Money: I am from the Bronx, NY. I grew up on West side area, Highbridge, and south Bronx ,Mott Haven, area.

  1. Being from the Bronx, hip hop is everywhere. Do you remember the first time you heard hip hop?

MM: I remember living in Highbridge around 92-93 listening to my uncles play all of the classic bad boy artists like Craig MACK and Biggie and block parties playing people like Nas and Wu Tang. That’s some of my first memories of hip hop.

  1. What was your upbringing like?

MM: My upbringing was pretty regular. I was raised by my grandmother and being that I was with her I was always around my uncles who held me down and basically taught me everything I know now as a man but of course I’m from some of the most dangerous hoods in the Bronx so even though inside of my home was good once I went outside, I had to basically go through the struggles of a young black man living in the ghetto.

  1. You’re a very unique presence in hip hop. How has having spina bifida effected you and your dreams?

MM: Being born with Spina Bifida and  living with a physical disability isn’t too much of a struggle. Of course I’m wheelchair bound so there are certain limitations as to what I am physically able to do but for the most part I get things done and I get a lot of praise for my strength and drive to go at my dreams regardless of whatever life throws at me. I was taught at a young age to fail is to stop trying so I’ll always go hard to accomplish anything I set out to do.

5. Who would you say is your biggest musical influence?

MM: My biggest musical influence hands down is Tupac Shakur because of his ability to be so versatile but still be able to have everyone relate to him and his music. I definitely have those qualities too.

  1. When and why and how did you start rapping?

MM: I basically started rapping in middle school in the early 2000’s. Like I said before growing up around three uncles that are hip hop heads it started at home but going to school I got more in the culture beat boxing and making beats on the lunch room table and rapping.

7. Tell us about your new documentary Beyond Belief?

MM: My new documentary “Maserati Money Beyond Belief” is a three part series. I released the first part in October 2016 which is also Spina Bifida Awareness Month. I wanted to get more in depth of how it is living with a disability while trying to reach your goals and catch live footage of real life situations I deal with day to day while going out to accomplish my dreams. I also have interviews with friends family and music peers speaking on their personal take on knowing me and how I am and what I do on a daily basis. I’m just trying to give a little motivation to go out there and do your thing no matter what. Maserati Money Beyond Belief is also the title of a 9 song EP I’m working on and the music will reflect the documentary storyline.

8. What’s your ultimate goal with making music?

MM: Ultimately my goal is to be a voice of those who have something within themselves but don’t necessarily strive to bring it out of them because of life’s situations. Also I want to be the one to change misconceptions and create acceptance to what I feel is a forgotten community which is people born and living with physical disabilities. We are just as good if not better at doing whatever we set out to do that any regular person so to speak does.

9. If you could do a song with any artist from any genre dead or alive who would it be and why?

MM:  If I could do a song with anyone, dead or alive, hands down it’ll be Tupac.

  1. What would you consider your biggest accomplishment to date?

MM: My biggest accomplishment to date is to be able to have people who know Davon talk about everything I’m setting out to do with myself musically. I feel like Davon made Maserati Money who he is because without the struggles and accomplishments Davon has; Maserati Money would have nothing to rap about. People who seen me come from the bottom and pick myself up make me feel great about myself when I get that acknowledgement from them

11. How did you hook up with G. Fisher and the Enterprize Ent/ EnterprizePR family?

MM: I hooked up with G Fisher and Enterprize through my homie D Dave. I knew Dave since like 2012 we met while we both were going hard with live performances around NYC. Long story short, me and Dave have a similar background so we clicked instantly, fast forward to 2015 he introduced me to Fisher and Fisher told me about his Enterprize Ent company.  I agreed to work with him on the Enterprize PR situation and it’s been on ever since. Those guys are like big brothers to me so I trust their judgment and opinion on things so it makes it that much easier to work with them.

  1. What projects are you currently working on? And do you have anyone you want to shout out?

MM: I’m currently working on finishing the “Beyond Belief EP” and Documentary which will be out late first quarter 2017 or definitely early second quarter so look out for that.

Shouts out to G Fisher, D Dave, Pretty Girl 1st, Burl Dolla, Promise Edwards, Beads and the whole Enterprize Entertainment. And major Shouts out to DJ STORMWARNING, Jae Supreme, Boom Bap Digital and P Realz/Realz Records and of course shouts out to my hood Highbridge and the whole Bronx.



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