TripleHQ Review: Bakery – “Untitled 1.5”

Too many times artists release projects without input from anyone but themselves which often leads just another mixtape clogging our favorite streaming services. So it is always refreshing when an artist presents a project with a story behind it.
Massachusetts emcee, Bakery, of #TeamBake (B.eing A E.veryday), had the idea to do a quick mixtape to keep his fans happy while he worked on his debut album. On Christmas Eve 2015, Bakery dropped, Lost In The Matrix, in which we heard him really show great strides in his songwriting and overall conceptual thinking when compared to his previous work.
Untitled began with Bakery going into the studio with a few industry beats to spit over and turned into 17 or so tracks after he and long time collaborator, DJ EA Sports, sat down for the first session and realized Bakery had again reached new places with his pen.
The original version of “Untitled” was pressed up on 50 hard copies and was distributed to DJs and taste maskers around his region with the intention of taking that valued input and delivering a project that was molded and crafted, according to ears that Bakery respects.
The original project was split into 2 instead, one with the freestyles (for FREE) and the one with original work now available on iTunes and all other major retailers.
“Untitled 1.5” starts off with a classic Katt Williams skit with leads into the “Intro” which instantly hits us with the smooth, cocky delivery and flow that is one side of Bakery. “Comin’ Up” is Bakery spittin over a Jahlil Beats production and we get to hear the clever flow and hook game on display.
One of Bakery’s strong suit is his ability to switch flows, cadences and styles altogether. “Pressure” is the first of 3 in the series that appears throughout the tape. The idea of the “Pressure” series is to remind everyone that Bakery can go any direction he needs but especially at the necks of the competition.
Switching gears, we get hit with “Dollar & a Dream” and “Mary Jane Imported” which shows us another side of Bake, that happens to be filled with hints of Curren$y and lots of weed clouds.
“Pressure 2” is the highlight of the series and maybe the whole entire project from the production to the way Bake goes off and rides the beat to perfection. “Hate From Afar” is another standout track which will be accompanied by a video shortly and once again, we hear Bakery’s smooth delivery and hook writing shines through.
“Pressure 3” leads into the last record, and only collaboration on “Untitled 1.5”, “SCG” with Mr. World’s Finest out of California. “SCG” has the potential to pop especially with the bi coastal appeal and the infection hook laid down by Bakery, once again.

Listen to the project Here

Highlight Tracks:
“Pressure” series
“Hate From Afar”



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